It is now May and the 2023 kidding season has wrapped up! See the “Sale Pen” pages to view the kids for sale and the “Kids” page for more information on them. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing a goat or two or if you have any questions.

At Cole Family Farm, we raise livestock in a natural environment,

with space to live, grow, and roam.

Welcome to the Cole Family Farm

Last Updated: May 26, 2023

We strive to raise quality animals, where we can ensure that they were grown in a humane and healthy habitat.

“If you throw water at a fence and it gets through, a goat will too!”

Boer Goats

We raise quality percentage and fullblood boer goat breeding stock and show wethers.

American Guinea Hogs

We raise heritage American Guinea hogs on grass without chemicals. That’s some happy pork!

Broilers and Laying Chickens

We grow chickens for both cooking and laying purposes, providing us with natural meat and eggs.

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